WorkSafeBC young worker campaign to employers -Share your What I Know Now story

WorkSafeBC young worker campaign to employers -Share your What I Know Now story

WorkSafeBC is reaching out to B.C. employers to share their “What I Know Now” stories as former young workers, and to share health and safety tips and best practices. The message is to create a work environment where it’s clear health and safety is a priority, and to create space for young workers to have conversations about safety at work. We would like to request your help to share this message with all your members and invite them to participate in this initiative.

How can employers participate?

Employers have a choice in how involved they want to be based on their schedules. The levels of involvement are:

  • Level 1: a quote from an executive that we can get via email or over the phone
  • Level 2: an in-person interview and a photoshoot at your workplace
  • Level 3: an interview on camera, and photoshoot at your workplace

WorkSafeBC will be producing videos, posters, and printed materials featuring employers from different industries. The employer stories will also be shared online on our social media channels, in printed publications, through digital advertising, and on the campaign website at

Video segments

Video segments will be 15 and 30 seconds with employers telling “What I Know Now”. Referring to a first job as a young worker, tell the story of how they experienced health and safety in the workplace then, and how they bring that to your business now. Sharing words of wisdom to motivate your peers in creating a space for young workers to have conversations about health and safety.

Below are examples of the current :30 second videos.



Photography will be used for various printed and digital materials featuring “words of wisdom” from employers. Some examples are:


We expect the video interview and photography to take 1-2 hours (we can work with how much time employers have), and our video and photography team will need to arrive 2 hours prior to the shoot to set up. We are aiming to launch the spring 2018 campaign in May so will be scheduling employer for interviews in March and April.




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