BCFPA Operations Roundtable

9440 202 Street, Langley BC

BCFPA Operations Roundtable

Wednesday, March 13, 2019, from 8:00am-12:00pm

The Board Room (1st Floor) at 9440 202 Street, Langley

The Operations Roundtable is a forum for BCFPA members of up to 12 Operations professionals per group, to network and share best practices and strive for continuous improvement. Each member company in the group is non-competitive.

Objectives & Value Expectations

  1. To learn from the team
  2. Improve the company
  3. Improve the bottom line
  4. Personal/career development
  5. To be challenged by colleagues
  6. Enjoy the environment of Trust and Respect
  7. Accountability to the group via attendance, respect, and contribution.


Eligibility: The Roundtable shall be composed of BCFPA members who are production specialists. A strict focus on operations and production for middle-upper management. There is a goal to have a mix of large and small companies, as well as a variety of age and experience levels. All members must sign a confidential agreement.

Learn best practices alongside companies such as Purdy's, Earth's Own, and Silverhills Bakery, and more. Click here for application forms, or email Sandra@bcfpa.ca for inquiries.