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Can my fridge be hacked? IT Basics to Protect Your Data


IT Peer Group Meeting

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 10-12pm


Because data is used and created everywhere in your business, your IT can affect (and improve!) everything from your operational processes to the ability to grow your sales.

We’re excited to work with TLD Computers, a Division of London Drugs Ltd, to create a baseline for what your food & beverage company will need to ensure the health and safety of your IT environment. 

Join us for our next IT Peer Group meeting, where we will explore basic IT systems for:

  • Protecting your intellectual property  
  • Protecting your sales and finances

More specifically:

  • Security at a personal & business level
  • Vulnerabilities, Risks & Threats – What’s what?
  • What can I do to ensure that my business is safe?
  • A history lesson on Cloud
  • Can my fridge be hacked?
  • Dark Web – What is it and How Dark is it?

Who should come?

  • Professionals new to IT
  • Professionals with IT being one of many hats
  • Owners and Managers of SMEs
  • Professionals who want to ensure that they’re considering the right IT systems for their business
  • Professionals who want to learn about working with a 3rd party to manage their IT systems


Following this presentation will be the IT Round Table Discussion for peers to ask questions and discuss best practices.

Note: Discussions at the IT Round Table must remain confidential and should not be shared outside the IT Peer Group Meetings.


For inquiries, please contact Sandra Lee at Sandra@bcfb.ca or 604-371-4245.


About our speaker:

Madison Tran possesses over 28 years of experience in Sales, Management and Customer Service with the London Drugs family of companies. Madison strives to deliver solutions specific to each client through a consultative process, focusing on value and long term customer satisfaction. Winning numerous company-wide management awards in financial and entrepreneurial categories, Madison excels at anticipating challenges and problem solving, and understands that success in any project is dependent on a cohesive team that works towards a common goal. 

Please describe any dietary restrictions, accessibility requirements, etc.
IT Basics to protect your data