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Committees and Peer Groups

The BCFPA has an active peer group and committee structure where members interact, learn and network to build their business and our industry. Valueable peer group information consisting of meetings minutes, content, presentations, speaker and industry contact information is available for BCFPA members only. Members can click the links below to view documents relating to each peer group.  To register for the next peer group meeting check out Upcoming Events

Do you have a topic that you'd like to discuss or learn more about? Please contact Tanya Tait at [email protected] or (604) 371-4245 if you wish to join a committee - you will be amazed at the benefits that will come your way.

HUMAN RESOURCES PEER GROUP:  The BCFPA's Human Resources mandate is to help improve HR practices with its members by facilitating and promoting best practices, information sharing. This group is open to all members.  There are currently more than 120 members engaged with the HR Peer Group, which meets at various lower mainland locations at least 4 times a year.  The HR Peer Group also engages in the Question of the Week, where members can ask HR-related questions and gain from a multitude of members' experience!  This Peer Group is co-chaired by Ivy Leong, HR Manager of Fresh Direct Produce and Alice Lesmana. 

The BCFPA Operations Peer Group is designed to provide a forum for operations focused members through group interaction and speakers on topics of interest to the group. Quarterly meetings include production factility tours, roundtable discussions, sharing of best practices, meeting with associate service providers, and speaker presentations. Operations staff learn about a broad range of operations focused topics through presentations made by specialists in the identified areas of interest. Both members and prospective members are welcome to attend (by invitation only).    There are more than 160 Operations Peer Group members.  The group is Co-chaired by Jess Berlenbach, Operations Manager of Rhema Health Products and Mike Nunn, VP Operations at Ideon Packaging. 

BCFPA FINANCE & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  This peer group is for BCFPA members’ leadership, business development and financial management professionals to network, learn and share best practices. The group is split into two streams - smaller processors and larger companies, so that the specific finance needs of each stream are met.  This is a forum for members to share industry related issues, and to learn from finance and business development speakers from industry.   Members also undertake business development related projects at the request of the CEO and Board of Directors,   BCFPA Finance Committee Co-Chairs:  Jozef Hubburmin, CFO of Fresh Direct Produce,  and James Pratt, Co-owner Prosnack Foods

FOOD SAFETY PEER GROUP: The Food Safety Peer Group allows the BCFPA to advocate towards equal and responsive regulations, providing input and influencing government programs and policies, and developing valuable food safety related programs and services for BCFPA members. This peer group is the place for Food Safety/Quality Assurance professionals to network and share best practices at quarterly meetings and special workshops and events. The 100+ member strong group is co-chaired by Lynette Chu of JD Sweid Foods and Ken Chung of Dusos. 

BCFPA FRASER VALLEY OPERATIONS: The BCFPA Fraser Valley Peer Group meets at plants in the Fraser Valley to discuss Food Safety, Operations and other topics of interest. It provides a forum for operations and food safety professionals through group interaction, guest speakers demonstrations and tours. More than 70 members are part of this group which is co-chaired by Tim de Haan, Operations Manager of Apex Food Source, and Juan Maya. The Fraser Valley Operations Peer Group meets quarterly.

SALES & MARKETING PEER GROUP: This peer group is all about enhancing the competitive position of BC food processors, individually or as a whole.  Under the leadership of Emily Teng, Marketing Manager for Fine Choice Foods, the Sales and Marketing Peer Group provides opportunities for networking and professional development with meetings on best practices and issues, including social media, brand developent, marketing, export development, advertising, sales strategies, tradeshows and more. Building business relationships and opportunities for collaboration among value chain partners and enhancing communications and coordination with industry stakeholders is a benefit of belonging to the Sales and Marketing peer group. 

BCFPA VANCOUVER ISLAND PEER GROUP:  The BCFPA Vancouver Island Peer Group provides a forum for Island based food, beverage and natural health product processors and associate members through networking, and learning opportunities across a broad range of industry focused topics.  Vancouver Island Peer Group meetings are held on a quarterly basis, typically at a member’s facility and include a tour, speaker and group discussion. Both members and prospective members (by invitation only) are welcome to attend. Meetings are typically held on Thursday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!  Contact Debra Hellbach, (Hellbach Solutions, Victoria) [email protected] or 250-858-7658

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) PEER GROUP: A lively discussion between tech-savvy staff who network, discuss best practices, investigate new technologies in both software and production.