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Operations Roundtable

The Operations Roundtable is a forum for BCFPA members of up to 12 Operations professionals per group, to network and share best practices and strive for continuous improvement. Each member company in the group is non-competitive.

Objectives & Value Expectations

  1. To learn from the team
  2. Improve the company
  3. Improve the bottom line
  4. Personal/career development
  5. To be challenged by colleagues
  6. Enjoy the environment of Trust and Respect
  7. Accountability to the group via: attendance, respect, and contribution.

Eligibility: The Roundtable shall be composed of BCFPA members who are production specialists. Strict focus on operations and production for middle-upper management. There is a goal to have a mix of large and small companies, as well as a variety of age and experience levels. All members must sign a confidential agreement.

Commitment: Meeting Structure

  • 4 hours: 8:00am-12:00pm
  • Minimum of 8 meetings per year.
  • Attendance is taken
  • After hours: meet up with members for more in-depth, 1-on-1 engagement with another member to develop deeper relationships.
  • Introductions, 5 minute egg timer for updates, and introduction of Hot Topics
  • Roundtable discussions regarding proposed Hot Topics
  • Facility tours are encouraged
  • Members cannot have a representative take their place if they are to miss a meeting.
  • If there is a speaker that can be valuable to colleagues of members, their guest(s) should leave when the speaker is done presenting. Speaking guest(s) will be pending space and availablity.
  • BCFPA will provide a light snack (muffins, fruit) and coffee

Cost: $899 per year Not included with BCFPA Membership. BCFPA Membership must remain active during the course of the year.

About the Facilitator:  Heather Johnson, CPHR is a Senior Consultant with HR West. Formerly the Senior Vice-President, People & Culture with Prospera Credit Union in Abbotsford, Heather started out her career in labour relations and progressed to broad human resources leadership roles in various industries including groceries (Loblaw’s), warehousing & distribution (Brewers’ Distributor) and food manufacturing (Canada Bread). A true senior generalist, Heather’s approach is to understand the business and develop solutions to align people, culture and change programs with business goals, strategies and plans. Heather has facilitated strategy, planning, teambuilding and conflict resolution sessions. As a volunteer she is the co-founder of CPHR Fraser Valley Senior Leaders HR Forum, and sits on the Board of Directors of the United Way of the Lower Mainland.

For application inquiries for the Opertations Roundtable, please email Kelly@bcfpa.ca for an Application Form and Code of Conduct.