Developing Your Brand Story - Sales and Marketing Peer Group

October 17, 2017
10:30AM - NOON
Fine Choice Foods 23011 Fraserwood Way, Richmond

Sales and Marketing Peer Group Meeting

October 17, 2017    10:30am-12:00

Venue:  Fine Choice Foods   23011 Fraserwood Way, Richmond BC


Developing Your Brand Story

Welcome and Introductions:  Emily Tang and New co-chair Ken Schnieder

Guest Speaker:  Ben Baker, Your Brand Marketing

Are you telling a compelling story about your brand?   Do your employees know your story?  Do they tell it to your customers?   Do your customers tell it to others?   If no, why not?  We as corporations need to be able to tell the story of our brand.   What we do, why we do it and who we do it for.   These make a brand stand out.  

Throughout the session, you will get insights as to what a great brand story looks like.

  • Defining what a brand is and is not
  • Defining your customer base and who they are not
  • Defining your value
  • Understanding your audience needs
  • Techniques on how to reach people


Q and A:

About the Speaker:   Ben Baker, Principal: Your Brand Marketing is the chief storyteller of our client’s brands!  We work with you to create a living brand and get you noticed!

Your Brand Marketing has been helping clients communicate more effectively for over a decade.   We do three things and do them well.  We consult, we teach and we speak on brand, message, market, vision and value.   Our belief is that your clients will only engage once they understand the value of your brand.  We work with companies that are in growth mode, looking to take on new markets and want to clearly differentiate themselves in crowded markets.



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Oct 17 Brand Story - Sales and Marketing Peer Group