Grant Strategies for Growth: HR Peer Group Meeting

8278 Manitoba St, Vancouver, BC

HR Peer Group Meeting

Grant Strategies for Growth

When: Wednesday. January 30th, 2019 from 10-12pm

Where: Granted Consulting, at 8278 Manitoba St, Vancouver, BC (View Map)

Did you know that HR is one of the departments that could benefit the most from government grants? You might be wondering: is there a proper way to leverage grants for my business? How should I incorporate grants into HR strategies and what are the best resources to find program relevant to my company? Join us on January 30th with Stephanie Sang, Grant Angel from Granted Consulting, to learn how to be most successful with hiring, training, market expansion, and R&D grants to grow.


10:00-10:00am Welcome and Introductions

10:10-11:10am Grant Strategies for Growth, presented by Stephanie Sang

  • How to communicate with management to maximize benefits
  • How to assess hiring/training/market expansion
  • R&D grants for their business
  • Good vs Bad grant applications

11:10-11:20am Q&A

11:20-11:50am What's keeping you up night? Sharing Session and Next HR Peer Group Meeting topics

11:50am Association News and Upcoming Events

12:00pm Adjourned. 


About Stephanie Sang, CEO & Partner, Granted Consulting:

Stephanie, a true Vancouverite, vowed never to be an entrepreneur, though she comes from four generations of business owners. Stephanie holds a degree in international marketing, and worked in various industries including tourism and technology, before establishing herself in a VP role with an international manufacturer in Taiwan. After ten years of fast-paced Asian living, and success in developing her family business to pre-IPO stage, she returned to Vancouver in 2010 to start Granted Consulting. As head ‘grant angel’, Stephanie and her team impact businesses in B.C. by helping them leverage grant opportunities successfully.

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January 30 2019 Grant Strategies for Growth HR Peer Group Meeting