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HR Peer Group: Save Money on the Latest Grants, Recruitment Roundtable

Granted Consulting Head Office

Save Your Company Money: Access the Latest Grants

Roundtable: Recruitment Challenges and Handling Modified Duty Claims

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 from 10am to 12pm

Location: Granted Consulting Head Office,1st Flr.

8278 Manitoba St., Vancouver


Using food industry Case Studies you will learn how to develop a grant strategy to help your businesses bottom line, learn how to be successful in your grant applications, and find out which grants are available now. Hiring Grants can save you up to 2/3 of of the costs of some of your staff!  Speaker: Stephanie Sang, from GRANTED CONSULTING.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of Grants Available to Businesses
  • The Importance of Timing
  • What is a Grant Strategy?
  • Which Grants Align with your HR Role?
  • How to be Successful in Applying for Grants?
  • Which Grants are Available now?
  • Case Studies 


1.  Recruitment challenges for general labour.  What is everyone doing to get out of the box on this one?   Is anyone doing anything unique that they would be willing to share?  Should the BCFPA host a career fair?

2. Modified duty and managing claims.  How do you manage the duty to accommodate? Looking for ideas!  Processors are experiencing more and more requests for accommodation due to both non-occupational and occupational injuries/illnesses.  Job rotations are being affected by this as others have to pick up the duties.  Do you handle non-occ and occ injury/illnesses the same or different?  What are the thresholds for the frustration that employers are using? 

About the Speaker: Stephanie Sang

Stephanie is CEO of Granted Consulting and is known as a ‘Grant Angel’ in Vancouver. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs in all industries on developing grant strategies for growth.

Over the last few years, Stephanie has been invited to speak at events hosted by the Women Enterprise Centre, Business Business Bureau, Disrupt HR, The Executive Committee (TEC), Disrupt HR, Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Associations, and other venues to educate entrepreneurs about grants in Canada.

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January HR Peer Group Meeting