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IT Peer Group: Roundtable

13140 Rice Mill Road, Richmond, BC V6W 1A1.

IT Peer Group Meeting

Roundtable Discussion

Wednesday, October 10th, 10am-12pm

Location: Canadian Fishing Company: 13140 Rice Mill Road, Richmond, BC (View Map)

What are some projects you’re working on, and how can we as IT Peers support you?  Need some advice or a second opinion, or care to share some of your expertise?  Join us for the Wednesday, Oct 24rd IT Peer Group Meeting at CanFisco, Richmond.

If there's a topic you would like to bring to the round table, please email Sandra at Sandra@bcfpa,ca.

Topics at the Round table: 

  • How or if people are using any IOT devices or AI in their businesses.
  • Replacement of legacy application used in production process. 
    • How to safely backup your progress when you're the sole IT Staff, reporting tools, 
  • How to combat security threats coming from e-mail.  
  • Recommended Virtual Environments for instant recovery

What is the IT Peer Group? 

IT Peer Group meetings consists of a lively discussion between tech-savvy staff who network, discuss best practices, and investigate new technologies in both software and production. 

Please Note: These meeting are exclusive to food/beverage/NHP manufacturing companies and all things discussed must remain confidential. 



Service Providing Associates, please email Sandra@bcfpa.ca with your request to present to the IT Peer Group.

Please describe any dietary restrictions, accessibility requirements, etc.