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NEW DATE - Making it Count: Inventory Management Essentials

21000 Westminster Highway, Richmond

NEW DATE: Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 9:30 AM

Location: Phoenix Fire Life Safety at 21000 Westminster Highway, Richmond


Companies that excel at managing their inventory decrease one of the biggest manageable risks for a company in today's business environment.  Too little or too much inventory can cause a ripple effect that impacts a company's cost of goods in every area of the company.   Join us for a presentation by Paul MacKenzie, President of Central Nervous Systems, who will discuss inventory management, its impact on the business, and how you can better control this vital company resource. 

What to expect: 

  1. What are the top concerns regarding inventory management today?
  2. How ordering policies (reorder quantities, safety stock, minimums, etc) impact the business
  3. Accuracy - how it impacts the operation
  4. Methods of controlling and tracking inventory
  5. The impact of too much and too little inventory
  6. How can I make a difference from my position?



9:30 am Doors open with refreshments

10:00 am Welcome and introductions

10:30 am Inventory Management Essentials, by Paul MacKenzie, President of Central Nervous Systems

11:50 am Share survey results

11:58 am Association news, upcoming events.

12pm Adjourned


Phoenix Fire Life Safety would like to offer a tour around their facility to share their expertise on how to make your workplace safer and more efficient.  To join this tour, please stay and wait for details from our host, Erin Patrick.