Operations/Finance Peer Group - Understanding Financial Statements

Ideon Packaging

Operations/Finance Peer Group Meeting: Understanding Financial Statements

Round Table Discussion: Peer Mentoring Mode

Friday, January 26th, 2018 from 10am to 12pm

Location: Ideon Packaging 

11251 Dyke Rd, Richmond

Planning a large equipment spend? Do you need to buy or Lease?  Understanding your companies Financial Statements can help Operations staff plan and stage for growth as the company grows.  KPMG's David Guthrie will teach you the basics, a P&L, balance sheet, and Cash Flow 101 for a typical food, beverage or NHP business. As well, David will share what he's been hearing from food companies who are managing that growth, and has tips to share on financing your growth via your "property lease" and negotiating equipment leasing.  

Round Table Discussion: Peer Mentoring Model, int the fall we took a survey that showed many of you would like to have a formalized Peer Mentoring program and we'd like to discuss that with you! 

New Business: A new CoChair for the Vancouver Operations Peer Group, as Jess Berlenbach moved to Vancouver Island.

Please describe any dietary restrictions, accessibility requirements, etc.
Jan 26 Operations Peer Group - Financial Statements