Retailer Relationships – From the Processors Perspective (Sales & Marketing)

September 20, 2017
10:00AM - NOON
Fine Choice Foods 23011 Fraserwood Way, Richmond


Sales and Marketing Peer Group Meeting

September 20, 2017    10am-11:30am

Venue:  Fine Choice Foods   23011 Fraserwood Way, Richmond BC

We are at capacity for this event, please email to be put on a waitlist.


Retailer Relationships – From the Processors Perspective

(follow up from Retail Relationship Breakfast held September 6)



  1. Jillian Hull, Owner of Jilly V’s  
  2. Jozef Hubburmin, COO Fresh Direct Produce
  3. Emily Tang, Sales and Marketing Manager, Fine Choice Foods


This panel of food processing professionals will share with you Retailer Relationship Tips, Tricks and What NOT to Do.


The speakers will share stories on dealing with brokers, retailers and wholesalers, and the different needs of different retailers.

  • Getting the listings vs. repeat sales (what to bank on when investing in your company)
  • From listing to repeat sales, factoring in the cost of marketing, promotions and in-store demos.
  • From small independent to big retailers -- the leap is large
  • Gaining a relationship with your buyers -- and building a relationship with people at store level
  • The guys in the middle:  brokers & distributors 
  • Moving beyond the West -- challenges and opportunities
  • Moving into high volume, low margin opportunities (e.g., Costco, Walmart, Presidents Choice) - what you need to know about what they will require of you.