Roundtable on Cybersecurity, Training, Production Line Technology and a Tour of Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry

4540 Simmons Rd, Chilliwack BC V2R 4R7

IT Peer Group Meeting (Fraser Valley)

Wednesday, April 11th 2018 10am-12pm

Location: Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry at 4540 Simmons Rd, Chilliwack BC

The IT Peer Group ask questions and opinions of fellow IT staff who have faced similar challenges and you can benefit from their experience. The IT Peer Group is a mixture of large & small, and new & mature companies who discuss issues in confidence to keep you ‘online’;  ERP’s, inventory software, managing growth etc.

If there's a topic you would like to discuss at the round table, please email Sandra at Sandra@bcfpa,ca.

10am - Introductions 

Cochairs: Cameron Christie of Ideon Packaging and Ryo Fusamae of Silver Hills Bakery

10:10am Ryo Famusae: Darktrace, cybersecurity, learnings from Darktrace Dinner Seminar

10:30am  Roundtable Discussion 

11:20am Affinity Program, Breakfast Series, other BCFPA News

11:25am Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry Tour

NOON - Adjourn 

Upon registration, please leave a comment expressing that you’d like to join us for the tour, as we have a group capacity of 10 tourists.​



The IT Peer Group, of processor IT staff, meets monthly to discuss in confidence. For privacy reasons, please refrain from sharing the content of these meetings.

For inquiries regarding peer groups, please email