Sales & Marketing Peer Group: Broker/Distributor Relationships: How to Get your Product ON the Shelves

23111 Fraserwood Way, Richmond

Broker/Distributor Relationships: How to Get your Product ON the Shelves

Sales & Marketing Peer Group Meeting

Thursday, May 17th 2018 from 10am-Noon

Location: Fine Choice Foods at 23111 Fraserwood Way, Richmond

Getting your products presented to the right buyers – who can help and how? Join us for our May Sales & Marketing Peer Group Meeting with Ken Kwong from New Age Marketing. At this meeting, we will go over selling to food services AND retail, how to determine COSTS and how much is negotiable, and slotting and other costs.

  • Sales and Marketing: outsource vs in-house (pros and cons)
  • What is a Broker?
    • How do they work?   How do Brokers fit in the supply chain system?
    • What channels do they cover?
    • How do you select the right broker?
    • When do you need a broker?
    • Where can you find brokers?
  • What’s the difference between a broker vs distributor?
    • Definition
    • Cost and accruals for service, sales and marketing programs
    • Services provided
  • What you need to know and prepare, before engaging a broker?
  • When is the right time to go without a broker? Or Distributor?


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About the Speaker: Ken Kwong,

Ken is a partner and EVP of New Age Marketing & Brand Management Inc.; a National brokerage company, celebrating 30 years, specializing in sales & brand management of consumer brands and products in all channels and markets in Canada.  Ken comes with 25+ years’ experience in US, Asia and Canadian markets. He co-founded a private label and contract packaging company in the early 90’s. He has consulted on procurement for Washington State University and various US government agencies in aerospace and military contracts. Ken specializes in the Natural, Specialty Grocery and Nutraceutical Supplement Categories. Prior to New Age Marketing, Ken has held positions as Senior National Brand Manager for one of Canada's largest grocery distributors and Senior Brand Manager for Americas for several major international grocery brands.  He is a resident columnist for Canada’s oldest grocery trade publication for the last 10 years.  He holds a seat on the Advisory board for the Canadian Health Food Association.


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