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2019 BC Food and Beverage Awards

Champion and celebrate the achievements of colleagues who are breaking ground in the food and beverage space and in our community.  Tell us about them by nominating this person and/or their product(s) for a BC Food and Beverage Award. Click on the Award Name to open the Nomination Form.

Award Nominations are Closed.

Why Nominate for An Award?

  • Finalists will receive a professionally produced brand video ($2,500 value) ideal for multi-channel marketing
  • Enhance your brand through the many marketing opportunities that winning the award provides.
  • Your customers or co-workers can be recognized for their great work
  • Be recognized by BC's food and beverage industry - the largest manufacturing sector in the province. 

Nominate a company, person, or product before June 4, 2019!  Winners are announced at the BC Food and Beverage Awards Gala on September 17th, 2019 at the Westin Bayshore Hotel, Vancouver. Registration is open - Get Your Tickets Here! 


  • Awarded to a company
  • Must be a BCFPA Member
  • Must be engaged in BCFPA activities (Peer Groups, Committees, Board, Event Volunteers, Event attendees etc…)
  • Must contribute to the industry somehow through products and/or services

Induction into the “BCFPA Hall of Fame”


  • Processor Member
  • Awarded to a company 
  • 20+ years in business in BC
  • Have made significant contributions to the food, beverage, and natural health industry though any of the following:
  • Design, invention of equipment, product, process, or technical services.
  • A strong reputation in the industry that demonstrates leadership
  • Commitment to growth
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Innovative


  • Awarded to a person within a company
  • 10+ years of work experience in the industry
  • Leads and inspires others to take on new initiatives to learn and grow
  • Committed to developing and mentoring future leaders
  • Committed to the growth and development of their organizations
  • Positive contribution to the community and environment
  • Sets a high standard of integrity through leading by example and presents themselves in a responsible and respectable manner



  • Awarded to a person
  • Must be a BCFPA Member
  • Less than 10 years in the industry
  • Demonstrates a desire to constantly learn and grow
  • Innovator and role model
  • Contribution to industry, community, and environment



  • Awarded to a company
  • Must be a BCFPA Member
  • Leader in sustainability processes and practices
  • Positive contribution to the environment
  • Inspirational
  • Role Model



  • Awarded to a company
  • Demonstrates innovation in any aspect of the company
  • (eg. Processes, technology, ingredients, human resources, culture, engagement, sales and marketing, product development, health and safety, research and development)
  • Is seen as a leader and benchmark to industry
  • Has developed and implemented innovative practices and/or products within their company


People First Award

Health, Safety, and Culture Excellence


  • Awarded to a company that demonstrates health, safety, and culture leadership
  • Goes beyond occupational health and safety compliance, with a recognized OHS system in place (OSSE, ISO, etc.)
  • Has introduced innovative programs for worker safety and well-being - Describe at least one.
  • Has fostered a positive, engaged business culture- (Active Program in place or means of measuring)
  • Is registered in good standing with WorkSafeBC, and without serious injury/fatality for at least 5 years




  • Awarded to a company’s product
  • BC made product
  • Must be a food, beverage, or natural health product
  • Taste (if applicable)
  • Appeal of product packaging
  • Innovative and unique product
  • Positive environmental/sustainable impact
  • Product of the Year Nomination Deadline - April 30th, 2019
  • Product of the Year Judging Event - June 3rd, 2019



  • Awarded to a company
  • Have earned foreign revenue in excess of $100,000 in the past fiscal year
  • Have been exporting for a minimum of 2 years
  • Established a presence in one or more geographic markets