Congratulations to the BC Food and Beverage Award Winners!

BC’s best of the best in the food, beverage, and natural health manufacturing industry were honoured on June 21st at theBC Food Processors Association’s 11th Annual Gala Awards Dinner at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver.



The hallmark Product of the Year Award recognizes a product that shows innovation; criteria include taste, product packaging, marketing, innovation, and environmental impact. Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies are awarded:

Gold : Justea – Purple Tea

Silver: bumble bloom Classic vegan honey (lower case is intentional)

Bronze: Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter

Honourable Mention:  Earnest Ice Cream – Son of Vancouver Amaretto

Honourable Mention:  Hippie Snacks – Savory Cluster


For more detail on the prestigious Product of the year Award winners please follow the link: Finalist Video Story:


HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE: Fine Choice Foods, a Richmond based company established in 1986 was inducted into the BC Food Processors Hall of Fame at the FoodProWest 2018 Awards Gala.

LEADERSHIP AWARD: Mike Nunn from Ideon Packaging

MEMBER OF THE YEAR: Fresh Direct Produce 

RISING STAR AWARD: Thompson Tran, of Wooden Boat Company. 

INNOVATION AWARD: Icicle Technologies Inc.



For more Award acceptance speeches CLICK HERE



Member of the Year Award


  • Awarded to a company
  • Must be a BCFPA Member
  • Must be engaged in BCFPA activities (Peer Groups, Committees, Board, Event Volunteers, Event attendees etc…)
  • Must contribute to the industry somehow through products and/or services

Hall of Fame Award

Induction into the “BCFPA Hall of Fame”


  • Processor Member
  • Awarded to a company 
  • 20+ years in business in BC
  • Have made significant contributions to the food, beverage, and natural health industry though any of the following:
  • Design, invention of equipment, product, process, or technical services.
  • A strong reputation in the industry that demonstrates leadership
  • Commitment to growth
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Innovative


Leadership Award


  • Awarded to a person within a company
  • 10+ years of work experience in the industry
  • Leads and inspires others to take on new initiatives to learn and grow
  • Committed to developing and mentoring future leaders
  • Committed to the growth and development of their organizations
  • Positive contribution to the community and environment
  • Sets a high standard of integrity through leading by example and presents themselves in a responsible and respectable manner


Rising Star Award


  • Awarded to a person
  • Must be a BCFPA Member
  • Less than 10 years in the industry
  • Demonstrates a desire to constantly learn and grow
  • Innovator and role model
  • Contribution to industry, community, and environment


Sustainability Award


  • Awarded to a company
  • Must be a BCFPA Member
  • Leader in sustainability processes and practices
  • Positive contribution to the environment
  • Inspirational
  • Role Model


Innovation Award


  • Awarded to a company
  • Demonstrates innovation in any aspect of the company
  • (eg. Processes, technology, ingredients, human resources, culture, engagement, sales and marketing, product development, health and safety, research and development)
  • Is seen as a leader and benchmark to industry
  • Has developed and implemented innovative practices and/or products within their company


Workplace SafetyAward


  • Awarded to a company
  • Recognizes innovative programs, policies, tools or projects that assist in reducing workplace injuries
  • Registered in good standing with WorkSafeBC
  • Compliant with the British Columbia Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Workers Compensation Act and the Standards and Building Code
  • Is seen as a leader and benchmark to industry
  • Has developed and implemented innovative workplace safety practices within their company


Product of the Year Award


  • Awarded to a company’s product
  • BC made product
  • Must be a food, beverage, or natural health product
  • Taste (if applicable)
  • Appeal of product packaging
  • Innovative and unique product
  • Positive environmental/sustainable impact
  • Product of the Year Judging Event - March 13, 2018