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As a service to our members, we are happy to allow BCFPA members to list their business opportunities on our website. The following are current business opportunities.

June 17 2019

Comtec Model 1100 Pie & Tart Dough Press
Wired 120 Volt, 20 Amp, 60 Hz, 1 Phase; 1000
Watt Heater Hub; Serial #I-4608
Additional Parts:
- 6 Inch Bottom Crust Die Set, PLAIN Rim Style,
with Pan Lifter, with AIR RELEASE, for use with
HFA 4006 foil pan provided. Dough to be 1/8 inch
Note: AIR RELEASE feature requires 20 to 30 psi of compressed air at the machine location in order to operate properly.

- 9 Inch Bottom Crust Die Set, PLAIN Rim Style,
with Pan Lifter, with Air Release, HFA 304 foil pan
provided. Dough to be 1/8 inch thick.


Original Sales Invoice

Contact Claudia if interested: claudia@quesava.com


June 13 2019

We have changed the size of boxes that we are using and as a result need to find a home for about 1000 new boxes, never used, from Great Little Box Company.

They are all 18x12x10 and have WRA. I have attached the spec sheets with details and diagram on how to stack them on pallets.

We are selling them for .75cents (paid $1.51) each and prefer to sell all at once if possible. They are located downtown Vancouver area.

If you are interested, please contact me at joannel@hellogoodly.ca


Spec sheet




A&D Checkweighing machine with Infeed Conveyor, Scale, Reject Arm (model AD-4981-2057), and Universal Scale Controller (model 5511).

Model Number: AD-4961-SR2410

Model Year: August 2018



  • Accuracy: 1-2g +/-.
  • Capacity up to 20 lbs.
  • Product rate up to 50ppm.
  • Conveyor speeds up to 150fpm.
  • 100 products memory.
  • Power: Single Phase 120 VAC.
  • 5.7" Panel Mounted Touchscreen Indicator.
  • IP rating is 65.
  • Connectivity: I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP port, 2 RS-232/RS-422 Bidirectional serial ports.
  • Construction: 304SS Tubular steel frames and support.
  • Motorized drive rolled – easy maintenance.
  • Conveyor Specifications: Infeed 24"wide x60" long, Scale 24"x60", Reject 24"60".


  • Voltage: Steady state voltage +- 10% variation on nominal.
  • Voltage Interruption: Interruptions must be <3mS with at least 1 second between interruptions
  • Voltage Dip: Voltage dips cannot exceed 20% of peak for more than one cycle with at least 1 second between dips.
  • 110 Volts 20 Amps 1 Phase.




For more information contact Jack Der, jack_d@purdys.com

Download the ad

Pet Food Kitchen

Looking for a commercial kitchen to produce your treats for Fido? Coho Creekside Commissary has a dedicated room for pet food production! This is the perfect place to get your pet food business up and running. 

✓ State-of-the Art facility fully-equipped with:

·         1x Convection Oven

·         2x High Power Induction Burner

·         1x Commercial Mixers

·         1x Prep Sinks

·         2x 3-Pot Sink

·         A selection of communal small-wares

·         Commercial Packaging Equipment including: Freeze-Dryer, Vacuum Sealer, Wet Filler, Dry Uni-Filler, Dehydrator, Band-Sealer

✓ Secure Pallet Racking Storage

✓ Climate Controlled (Air-conditioning for those hot summer months)

✓ Vancouver Coastal Health Approved with an impeccable food safety record 

✓ Walk-In Cooler and Commercial Frozen Fridges available

✓ Kitchen Management Software makes booking a breeze!

✓ Small Co-Working Space

✓ Monitored, Advanced 4-Camera Security System

For more information, contact Tiffany at tiffany@kapownow.com 

December 19 2018

Robot Coupe R45 for Sale

Any questions...please email me at info@heehawhorseradish.com or call / text me on my cell: 250-415-1931. Thanks. - Graham

Hee-Haw HorseRadish is selling our Robot Coupe R45 blixer. This machine is about two years old and was only used for one day every 2-3 weeks for production. We love it but have no need for it anymore!

If you've been thinking about getting one...you know this is a Very hard to find used Robot Coupe machine and is an absolute work horse. It retails NEW for about $21,000 + Tax ($23,500). We are asking $15,000 OBO. Delivery extra. For a video of it in operation please visit Robot Coupe Video and Specs at webstaurant.com


Puree, mix, chop, and blend dozens of foods with the Robot Coupe R45T 47 qt. vertical food processor! This food processor features a 13.5 hp motor for outstanding power, and its stainless steel bowl provides rugged durability. A polycarbonate lid comes with the bowl so you can add liquid or ingredients during processing, and its clear coloring gives you a full view of your food as it's processed. The included 3-knife blade assembly easily cuts through a wide variety of foods, and a magnetic safety system on the induction motor helps prevent misuse and injury. And thanks to its simple control panel, you can teach new employees how to use this unit in no time.

This food processor includes a digital timer to track batches up to 15 minutes at a time. Its full stainless steel body guarantees a long service life, and it conveniently sits on the floor for easy access. The rubber feet ensure this unit won't move when in use, and for easy cleaning, the bowl is completely removable. The Robot Coupe R45T vertical food processor requires a 208/240V, 3 phase electrical connection.

Click here for a Spec Sheet 



December 12 2018

WeighPack Vertek 1150 Form Fill Seal Line

This line includes 14-head Scales, a VFFS bagger, and two incline conveyors. This line was set up for facilities with low ceilings if you are limited in overhead space.

Click Here for more information:


17’ Conveyor

Great for sorting, inspecting, or general packaging use.

This is one of many conveyors we have in stock, please contact us if there is a specific need we can help you with.

Click here for more information:


Lock Metal Detector with Pneumatic Reject

This metal detector came out of production in the last half year and is working great. Simple to set up and reliable detection.

Click here for more information:


Please contact us today if there are any equipment needs that we can help you with.




OCTOBER 5, 2018

Kitchen For Rent (part-time)

Contact Paul Gill at 604 728 4253 or Surtraindian@gmail.com

Location: Near King George & HWY 10

This kitchen space is:

  • Fraser Health approved
  • 1200 square feet
  • Includes a quick chill cooler, high hood dishwasher, 5 tray commercial oven, stock pot burners, tables, shelves, sealing machine, Robu coupe, ect.

3 Pricing Options: 

  1. $40 per hour (MAX charge is $150 for 4 to 10 hours)
  2. MAX $150 for 10 hours  
  3. $500 for 4 days 

Deposits required.  Days are flexible and includes all utilities.

SEPT 14, 2018

Shared Kitchen Space

Please text April Bellia 604837344  or email Thegranolagirlyvr@gmail.com

Location: Vancouver, near Fraser and Marine Dr. 

This space is a 1,000 sq ft licensed kitchen for baking businesses or new startups. It includes 2 convection ovens, racks, and lots of counter space. There is limited fridge and freezer use.

Available early mornings or after 6pm Rental available daily or monthly.

August 20, 2018

Food Manufacturing Space for Lease - Fully Operational!

If interested, please contact Tiffany Shen at tiffany@kapownow.com

Location: North Vancouver, overall sq ft: 3650.

  • Vancouver Coastal Health Permit complete

  • Food processing ready 
  • Floor drains installed
  • Double loading bay with fire bay door
  • 23 ft ceilings
  • Double sink
  • Two bathrooms
  • Skylight in warehouse - saves on electricity during day!
  • Upstairs office with large windows, great light and great view
  • Walk in cooler available - new fire sprinkler inside
  • Previously SQF certified - leasehold improvements all completed!



Accutek filler SVF series. Semi Automatic Volumetric Filler.

  • model # 02 004-000
  • 80 PSI
  • serial # A-17 204511
price 7500$ OBO

demonstration video: https://youtu.be/nbXUPPUmT_U


Call for more information: Little Creek Dressing (778) 478 1879



APRIL 25 2018

Tilt Skillet: USA-Built  $2500


Electric tilt skillet for sale.  In excellent condition and working order.  Rewired and reconditioned with new parts.  Made in the USA. 

Much more energy efficient than gas:  http://www.fishnick.com/equipment/techassessment/10_skillets.pdf


30 gallon

W: 57"; D:  33"; H:  41"

Manufactured by Hussman, Escan Division, USA.

Please contact Randy at 778-323-4416.

See the craigslist ad at: vancouver.craigslist.ca/rds/bfs/d/tilt-skillet/6555847968.html.


To download this ad please click HERE


APRIL 24 2018

For Sale: one tote of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena from Italy.

Little Creek Dressing in Kelowna, BC 

We have an extra sealed 1,000 lt tank of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI with a production date of 02/11/2016 and a best before date of 19/03/2044.

Asking price is $3,000, if you are interested and would like some more documentation of this ingredient please do not hesitate to contact us at quality@littlecreekdressing.com or 778-478-1879

CLICK here for the ad.






10 bags x 20kg (200kg total) of Protelac 450  $800.00 OBO

Production Date 16-10-30

SOUP LID, PLAIN 1L – Natural (Transparent) 63, 500 ea  $0.11EA

SOUP TUB, PLAIN 946ML – Natural (Transparent) 63, 500 ea $0.23EA

Additional 15,000 TUBs without Lid to be included at no additional cost.

Click Here for additional information and pictures

Vassili Molnar, Supply Chain Planner will follow up should you have any questions vmolnar@earthsown.com