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Machine Operator

Eggsolutions - Vanderpols Inc.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 08:49


EggSolutions – Vanderpols Inc. are seeking a dedicated and professional Machine Operator who brings a high level of responsibility and dedication to the position. You must be vigilant and perceptive while operating the machinery to avoid accidents. We are also looking for a candidate who is efficient and quick, meeting daily production quotas and being able to operate the machinery for several hours at a time. In addition to operating the machinery, you will complete administrative work orders at the end of your shift, weigh products you package and perform simple maintenance on the machines. Enter the fast-paced and dynamic manufacturing environment of our company.


  • Operate packaging machinery of several types at a variety of stages on the production floor, performing corrective actions quickly and safely at all times
  • Check products packaged against SOP to ensure requirements are met and no mistakes have been made during the production.
  • Apply labels, print and then scan the quantity produced into the ERP system before transferring all products to the holding area.
  • Be in full control of the production line to avoid errors and make adjustments as needed to prevent downtime.
  • Perform basic daily and weekly preventive maintenance on a variety of equipment to ensure it is completely functional and safe to operate.
  • Complete important paperwork at the beginning and end of your shift, carefully ensuring all information is entered correctly and clearly.
  • Support all team members to ensure no workers become fatigue or distracted during daily operation.
  • Immediately report malfunctions or errors to supervising staff and clearly communicate important information about the issue.
  • Perform an end of the production sanitation process, CIP equipment production line etc.


  • High school diploma and two years’ experience in a high-volume manufacturing environment related to food, chemical cleaning, and/or a similar industry.
  • Strong technical competence I.E. Proven ability to safely operate production/processing equipment.
  • Mechanical aptitude. Dexterity to turn valves, connect pipes, assemble fittings.
  • Fluent English (verbal and written communication skills) with the ability to follow and give clear instructions.
  • Highly detail oriented.
  • Able to lift 15-20 kg
  • Able to work in confined spaces.
  • Capability to work independently without constant supervision.
  • Forklift license is an asset

Working hours for this position will be 4:30PM - 01:00AM, Monday-Friday; hours can change according to production needs.

Application instructions: Please submit a resume and cover letter to nbrar@vanderpolseggs.com, with hourly wage expectations, in a single attachment (Word document or PDF file). Only candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted. Be sure to quote “Machine Operator” in your application.

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