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Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 12:35

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Marketing Manager

About The Alliance

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (“the Alliance”) is an industry-funded, not-for-profit society, established in 2007. Today, the Alliance serves close to 3000 manufacturing and food processing member companies across British Columbia, employing a professional team of health & safety specialists to support safer workplaces.

The Alliance delivers a wide range of occupational health & safety advisory services, resources, and training. The Alliance is also an official Certifying Partner for the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence (OSSE, also known as COR), tailored to the manufacturing sector.

The organization’s primary mission is to improve manufacturing workplace safety and to create a culture wherein every worker safely returns home to their family each night. Alliance employees are passionate about their work and how it impacts people’s lives each day.


Job Summary

Responsible for managing the company's marketing initiatives. Uses market research and analysis to direct marketing strategy and planning. Oversees the production of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns. Reports marketing results to senior executives.

The Marketing Manager is responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for the organization to enhance brand awareness and market penetration, attract potential clients and retain existing ones. The role will also be responsible for leading market research and analysis to support effective marketing decisions and direction on the various promotional and awareness activities for the organization.  The Marketing Manager is key to ensuring the Alliance achieves its business objectives growing the organization’s impact and reputation and ensuring its future success.

This position reports to the Chief Financial Officer, and is responsible for managing and developing two direct reports and contractors – (i) Graphics & Brand Specialist, (ii) Marketing & PR Specialist, (iii) Peer Facilitator (part-time) with expansion to include additional staff as the organization grows. 

Key activities and responsibilities

Responsibilities Overview

  • Researching and evaluating new service opportunities, demand for potential programs, services, training or resources, and customer needs and insights
  • Overall marketing strategy and execution of plans for the existing services, programs and resources for all demographic sizes
  • Collaborating with various teams on new programs, training and service development
  • Managing launch promotion campaigns for new services, programs, training or tools
  • Approves and oversees the creative development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects
  • Establishes marketing goals based on past performance and market forecasts
  • Managing demographic (regional and demographic) distribution channels for services, program and resources
  • Ensuring effective, branded marketing communications including the company website, print communication, and advertising
  • Managing media and marketing staff and external PR agencies
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of all marketing efforts with research and data review including surveys, focus groups and other strategies to measure and assess performance
  • Identify, secure and manage sponsorship portfolios and agreements
  • Tracks all marketing and sales data and creates detailed written reports and verbal presentations to bring to senior executives
  • Adjusts marketing campaigns and strategies as needed in response to collected data and other feedback


  • Initiate, manage and deliver a corporate communications strategy including media relations
  • Execute  writing capacity at a corporate level and narrative level to support priority communications initiatives such as the quarterly Alliance Newsletter, corporate reports and media releases
  • Ensure that all material distributed for public purposes meets and/or exceeds the organizational standards threshold
  • Develop and ensure the strategic management of the Alliance’s stakeholder relationships and strategies for influencing the stakeholders and the media
  • Provide a strategic advisory communications function to the CFO
  • Accountable for organizational reputation management including risk review and analysis; identify and prioritize emerging issues with supporting strategies and effectiveness analysis
  • Deliver presentations to senior audiences including the Board
  • Drive core messaging on Alliance social media, informing marketing strategies on Alliance printed collateral, viz. brochures, course calendars, and pamphlets
  • Participate in digital analysis and visual communication development

Public Relations

Working independently and with the Executive team to establish and develop influential relationships and strategic partnerships with:

  • Industry Association Partners
  • Sponsors and related funding partners
  • Alliance Members
  • Professional bodies for the member professions and related designations - CRSP, CPHR, CPA
  • Policy and communications contacts for the Alliance
  • Other Professional consultants when required, in consultation with the CEO
  • Statutory and regulatory bodies related to OHS
  • Independent and NHS employers


  • Lead and oversee Events strategy as a critical part of the marketing and promotional plan. This includes the oversight of the effective execution of Alliance events that meet and/or exceed the intended outcome or goals. The events currently hosted include the Annual Health & Safety Conference, Annual Gala Awards, tradeshows, conferences, and other engagement events
  • Analyze post-event reviews and incorporate learnings in developing future strategies


  • Lead the development of new and existing brand and sub brands as required
  • Accountable for developing and maintaining the values, principles and standards of each brand and sub-brand within the Alliance
  • Work collaboratively with all staff/departments to meet pre-determined deadlines, projects and expectations
  • Develop a systems level approach for internal implementation of branded documents
  • Provide consultation, implement and lead best practices for strategic message promotions

Key Competencies:

  • Excellent Communication Skills: Ability to communicate, both written and verbal, with tact, diplomacy, sensitivity and professionalism to address complex issues
  • Strategic/Systems Thinking: Considers the inter-relationships among different aspects of an approach, including how they relate to other programs or areas. Considers emerging trends and best practices when developing and implementing broader priorities, strategies and approaches
  • Creative Problem Solving: Looks for ways to improve activities and results by doing something that may be new and different in the organization
  • Adaptability: Takes advantage of opportunities to change how work is done and to anticipate obstacles and improve service. Anticipates changing environmental demands and changes behavior accordingly
  • Relationship Building: Proactively building networks, connecting and building trust in relationships
  • Results Focused: Knowing what outcomes are important and maximizing resources to achieve results that are aligned with the goals of the organization, while maintaining accountability to each other
  • Collaboration and Facilitation, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution- highly developed and demonstrated teamwork skills

Skills level and Aptitude

  • Ability to coordinate the efforts of a large team of diverse creative employees
  • Demonstrated ability to increase productivity and continuously improve methods, approaches, and departmental and interdepartmental (Business Development) contribution
  • Commitment to continuous learning
  • Expert in Internet and social media strategy with a demonstrated track record
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in holding conversations with customers, customer evangelism, and customer-focused product development and outreach
  • Demonstrated ability to see the big picture and provide useful advice and input across the organization
  • Ability to lead in an environment of constant change
  • Experience working in a flexible, employee empowering work environment
  • Familiarity and skill with the tools of the trade in marketing including PR, written communication, website development, market research, service packaging, Microsoft software suite of products including CRM, visual communication software products, and creative services
  • Experience managing external PR and communication consulting firms and contractors (peer facilitation)
  • Experience in the global marketplace is a plus with mission driven goals.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing (MBA preferred)
  • Qualification in Communication/Journalism
  • 8+ years’ experience in marketing and/or advertising
  • 5+ years’ experience in advanced corporate and narrative writing
  • 3+ years’ experience supervising/managing a marketing team
  • Formal education in Occupational Health & Safety is an asset
  • Experience working in the Manufacturing Industry is an asset

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