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Government Funding Programs

Vancouver Island Peer Group Meeting Slides (Sept 27, 2018): Agribusiness Development Programs

Find the presentation slides from the September Quartlerly Meeting regarding more BC Ministry funding and program opportunities under Peer Group Meeting Documents Here. 

Webinar: Access Support for Agrifood and Seafood Exporting, presented by Export Navigator

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The BC Agrifood & Seafood Development Program is launching this fall, and you wont want to miss out on the opportunities it will provide. 

This Seminar will help you: 

  • Learn about the provincial and federal options for export-related funding for agrifood businesses
  • Understand who can apply and which programs may be suitable 
  • Identify key trade shows around the world, including Canada's 7 flagship Canada Pavillion Shows
  • Become familiar with the application forms and processes for funding 

For more educational content, visit http://sbbc.co/sbbcedu 

Canadian Agriculture Program:  CAP - Federal Activities and Programs

Federally-funded activities and programs to support sector growth focus on three key areas:

  1. Growing trade and expanding markets - $297 million
  2. Innovative and sustainable growth in the sector - $690 million
  3. Supporting diversity and a dynamic, evolving sector - $166.5 million


For more information about this link, please visit this webpage.


Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

National Research Council Canada/ Government of Canada     

IRAP can help you in three ways : 

  1. Advisory services – chemistry, food , clean energy.  Industrial Technology Advisors across the country – have a large network of technologies and the business.  ITA’s can help provide linkages in the field, network and resources. 
  2. Second is funding services – funding for small and medium companies with R and D with the goal of commercialization and profit making.  They identify key areas for R and D, and work with the companies, define the project, and provide financial support for that.   80% of the support is labour.  Companies with a cash flow issue get almost immediate return.
  3. Concierge Service – Innovation Advisors – their job is to learn all the funding and support programs from all service agencies across the country to help in any way possible.

Kevin McCrory, P.Eng. Industrial Technology Advisor


Tel: 604-221-3029 / Fax: 604-221-3101


Small Business BC

Small Business BC has services for importers and exporters: importing seminars, exporting seminars and one-on-one advisory services to specifically help with products and target countries. Agrifoods is currently being funded under this program.

For more information on funding, please visit http://smallbusinessbc.ca/canada-bc-job-grant/   

54 – 601 West Cordova St.  Vancouver, BC  V6B 1G1

For export assistance, please contact Belinda, Intl Trade Advisor at 604-725-6257 or Leslie, Intl Trade Advisor at 604-775-5540

Office Tel: 604 775 5540

Toll-free: 1 800 667 2272

Fax: 604 775 5520


Export Development Canada

Export Development Canada is Canada’s export credit agency. Our job is to support and develop Canada’s export trade by helping Canadian companies respond to international business opportunities. We are a self-financing, Crown corporation that operates at arm's length from the Government. We provide insurance and financial services, bonding products and small business solutions to Canadian exporters and investors and their international buyers. We also support Canadian direct investment abroad and investment into Canada. Much of our business is done in partnership with other financial institutions and through collaboration with the Government of Canada.

Suite 400, Floor 4 1055 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC V7X 1G4

Tel 604-678-2247

Fax 6046782241

Email VWright@edc.ca