Why Should You Join the BCFPA?


  • Be part of the force that is building the BC food processing industry!
  • Reduce your energy costs - sign up for the innovative BC Hydro Conservation and Energy Managment Program
  • Optimize your business risk management strategy and save money on business insurance specially designed for food processors
  • Reduce your employee benefits cost through a BCFPA group benefits program.
  • Share ideas for improving productivity, best practices, safety, waste management, sales and overal business by taking part of our various Peer Groups
  • Post your job openings and business opportunities through our Market Place page
  • Receive help to meet government regulations 
  • Create new opportunities with your customers, distributors and other business partners across the value chain
  • Access an exclusive directory of service providers 
  • Have an active voice in the issues and initiatives that affect your business 
  • Obtain discounts on registration fees for all BCFPA-sponsored events and services.


Suppliers with innovative products or services that save money and time are always of interest to our 300+ members. Our membership is split with 60% processors and 40% associates, who provide valuable services and products which support our food processors. We have a tremendous industry network both online and in person with regular peer group meetings, the Breakfast Series and events, all designed to promote cross-business opportunities.

The ability to access our network of companies in the industry is very valuable to your revenue generation/sales and marketing teams. We provide direct access via meetings, database access, targeted marketing and advertising opportunities as well as sponsorships.

Associate members and Processors alike have access to all the same benefits and affinity programs offer by the BCFPA.

Our Associate members benefit by networking with our client base of BC's Food Processors, an industry which is the largest manufacturing sector in terms of sales and employment in BC. Our industry contributes an incredible $9.5 billion to the provincial economy, which is more than the forestry sector. Food and Beverage processing represents more than 31,000 jobs and more than $1.5 billion in annual salaries and wages. 

Join the BCFPA today and get your FREE copy of the 2017 Food Industry in Canada Report, valued at $395!

  • ​A comprehensive sector-by-sector snapshot of the Canadian food and beverage processing industry performance and innovation Sectors features include baking, dairy, meat/poultry, confectionery, beverage, seafood, fruits and vegetables, flour/feed milling and pet food along with food science and technology.
  • Key industry issues and trends, with emphasis on a well-researched quantitative and qualitative outlook of the industry
  • Articles on topics such as key growth areas in the industry, commodities and pricing, mergers and acquisitions, the retail landscape, domestic market, opportunities arising from CETA, among others
  • Publishing for almost 80 years, Food in Canada has earned the highest degree of trust that is unequalled by any other magazine, website or e-newsletter serving the Canadian food and beverage processing industry!



Benefits of Membership

Mark Wilson describes why Sequel Naturals is a member and why you should be too

Benefits of Collaboration and Innovation

Members Nutriva and Avalon Dairy collaborate to produce an innovative new product


Types of Membership

Processor Membership

Available to food or beverage processors with an office and production facility within the Province of British Columbia.

Associate Membership

Available to commercial enterprises doing business within British Columbia with food or beverage processors or goods or services providers to the agri-food industry.

Student Membership

Open to students enrolled in any institution in BC whose course of study encompasses those areas of concern or interest to the BCFPA. Membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and does not include voting privileges.

Annual Membership Fees

Processor Members
  • 1-5 employees: $183.75
  • 6-25 employees: $525.00
  • 26-99 employees: $1,155.00
  • 100+ employees: $1,470.00
Corporate and Industry Group Members
  • Corporate HQ: $1,470.00
  • Per company in the group: $525.00

5% GST included.

Annual Membership Fees

Associate Members (based on total # of employees, not departments)
  • Consultant 1-2 employees: $236.25 (micro businesses only)
  • 1-25 employees: $525.00
  • 26-99 employees: $787.50
  • 100+ employees: $1,050.00

5% GST included.

Annual Membership Fees

Student Membership
  • $52.50

5% GST included.

For more information on memberships please contact Tanya Tait: or (604) 371- 4245