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BCFPA launch of BC government funded training program “BC Food Processors Work! is an immediate success!

12 “would be” food processing industry workers began the program August 27th, 2012 and all 12 successfully graduated September 22nd, 2012. As of this date, 4 participants from the initial intake are now employed and likely more will become employed in the near future.

This is an enormous leap for the workers involved. When they enter the program they may be unemployed, they are not eligible for EI benefits and they are regarded as having low skills levels, which prevents them from being competitive in the job market. These people worked hard to graduate and they appreciate the support of the government of BC and the BC Food Processors Association.

The BC Food Processors Work! Program is part of a Labour Market Sector Solutions project with the BC Food Processors Association (BCFPA). The program involves working with food processors in the Lower Mainland to meet demands for workers with basic food industry skills.

BCFPA expects to help 120 participants over a 20-month period of continuous intakes. A second intake of 16 participants graduates tomorrow and begins their quest for employment and a third intake begins October 1, 2012. The program consists of 2 weeks of training and then either a 2 week work experience at a food processing facility or 2 weeks of attending assigned job interviews with food processors .

The new skills and certificates participants obtain that help them to get jobs include:

  • Food Processing Safety and You – an Orientation to the Industry
  • Essential Skills for Food Processing Workers
  • National Sanitation Training
  • Fundamentals of Quality Assurance for Food Workers

This program is affecting people’s lives in a very positive way. The first participant to become employed was hired 4 days after graduating. He is working full-time as a Research Assistant in a food processing facility and has been told that there is a long term plan for his career development there!

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