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2016 BCFPA HR Wage Survey Now OPEN - Register until June 15th

The HR Peer Group of the BC Food Processors Association is once again conducting their annual wage survey. This 2016 survey will update compensation data by gathering current information regarding pay rates for food industry benchmark jobs within the local labour market. We invite you to contribute wage information as the completion of this survey by a valid number of participating companies will assist in establishing market appropriate rates.

Please note, there is a very small registration fee ($200) to cover the costs of administering the survey, as agreed by the HR Peer group.

We’re excited about the new and improved format! The 2016 survey includes all the same information, plus some. 

The following information will provide an overview of the process.

  • Individual company salary information is kept strictly confidential and participating companies will only be identified as being participants in the survey. The company name will be deleted from the survey before the tabulation of results, trend analysis, and summary of results takes place.
  • Valerie Henderson of Effective HR is assisting us with managing the survey process and is a member of the BCFPA HR Peer Group. She, with a peer group sub-committee will lead the compilation of survey results, the analysis, and the summary. She can be contacted at [email protected]
  • We have provided brief job descriptions for benchmark positions to assist you in comparing similar positions from your organization.  Please read through the list of job descriptions provided and use your best judgement to evaluate similarity. Comparisons should be made to jobs with the same content and responsibility, rather than on job titles alone. You may choose to provide compensation data on all or only some of the benchmark positions. It is your choice.
  • In the Survey Summary report, salary data will be separated into “All BC”; Lower Mainland; Fraser Valley ; Vancouver Island; and Interior but ONLY if ten companies respond in each of these areas. If there is less than ten in one geographic area, the data will be included in “all BC”. The same will apply if less than ten companies report data for any one management position in a specific geographic area.
  • Whenever possible, survey data will be identified as union versus non-union rate/benefit and/or salaried versus hourly staff.
  • Complete the survey even if you do not provide data for all positions or prefer to only provide data on hourly versus salaried positions.


BC Food Processors Association Annual Wage and Benefits Survey - 2016

With over 65 benchmark positions, the BCFPA has the most comprehensive information available for the food processing industry. Information includes ranges, 25th, 50th and 75th percentiles for base and total compensation as well as target and actual bonus information. In addition to compensation, the survey almost provides information on a wide range of policies and benefits such as RRSP, Performance Rewards, perks, Vacation and Sick Time and group benefits.

The survey will be published in October 2016 and available for $1,000. Take advantage of great savings by participating this year and purchasing the survey for the participant rate of $200! This is well below comparative surveys for other industry associations as well as general surveys issued by compensation firms.

Surveys will be available for completion in June 2016 with submissions required by August 12, 2016. Registration for participation must be completed by June 15, 2016.

For Participant Registration please email your name, company name and billing email address to:

Valerie Henderson

HR Consultant

Valerie Henderson HR Services Inc.

604-781-5538 or [email protected]


Thank you for you participation!

Please see below for this year’s positions.


Accounting Manager

Production Operator Technical

Accounting Clerk - Junior

Production Planner

Accounting Clerk - Intermediate

Production Planner - Administration

Accounting Clerk - Senior

Production Scheduler

Accountant - Junior

Production Worker

Accountant - Intermediate

Production Worker - Heavy

Accountant - Senior

Sanitation Worker

Administrative Assistant

Shift Coordinator

Executive Assistant

Shift Supervisor

Receptionist/Front Desk Coordinator

Shift Team Lead/Lead Hand

Human Resources Manager

Tradesperson - Skilled

Human Resources Generalist

Tradesperson - Unskilled

HR/Payroll Admin

Customer Service Clerk/Order Desk

Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Retail Clerk

Safety Coordinator/Officer

IT Manager

Maintenance Manager

IT Administrator

Maintenance Supervisor

Inventory Control Clerk

Machine Operator - Junior

Logistics Supervisor

Machine Operator - Senior


Machine Operator Lead Hand

QA Manager

Maintenance - No Ticket

HACCP Coordinator

Maintenance Clerk

QA Associate

Maintenance Clerk - PM

Quality Assurance Lab Coordinator

Maintenance Electirican Assistant

Quality Control Technician

Maintenance Electrician - Journeyman

Lab Technician

Maintenance Millwright - Journeyman

R & D Specialized

Maintenance Power Engineer

R&D Scientist or Technician

Material Handler

Driver: 1 – 5 Ton Airbrakes not required

General Warehouse/ Utility Worker

Driver: Class 1 with Airbrakes

Meat mixer or grinder

Order Filler/Picker

Plant Manager


Production Supervisor