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FREE BCIT Safety Audit

It’s that time of year to get your Free Safety Program audit by BCIT.  Every year the BCIT students need to complete approximately 20 of practicums, where they review your safety program, make suggestions and recommendations for improvement.  The project starts in January,  so please sign up by the end of December!

Safety Program Review (SPR). The SPR is a course project for students in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program at BCIT. During the fourth term of the program, students will find sites to audit the safety programs. The purpose of SPR is to evaluate the efficiency of the safety program in a company. The audit will be focused on the main elements of the safety program to make sure policies, procedures, practices, programs and controls are in place. At the end of the SPR, the company will have an audit report with the findings and recommendations.

The on-site audit will be conducted from January to March in 2017. The main methods of audit are interview, document review and observation. Short surveys will also be used to collect safety information. During and after the audit, Iwill provide my recommendations on safety issues that I find in the company. The previous SPR projects got very good feedback from the companies that have been audited.

The SPR site should have a current written safety program in place at least 3 months prior to audit, and be willing to commit to the whole audit process. Site needs to fill out an evaluation report on my audit performance.

For more info on what is entailed in the project please contact : 

William Shepherd Dip T.
Manager OHS Resources and Development

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

 [email protected] 

T 1.604.795.9595   F 1.604.795.9507  C 1.604.997.0065