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BC Food Processors Association Joins Provision Coalition


For immediate release: December 4, 2017 

 Working Towards Realistic Sustainable Practices in the Competitive Food Business 

The BCFPA is excited to announce its’ partnership as the newest member of the Provision Coalition.  “Through BCFPA's membership, our member companies will now have access to tools and programs that will help food and beverage manufacturers assess their sustainability challenges and then implement – and benefit from – sustainable solutions and practices,” says James Donaldson, CEO and Executive Director of the BC Food Processors Association.   

“In BC, we’re really seeing an emergence of both early stage and larger companies desiring a more sustainable or purpose-led business model,” says Donaldson.  “We’re excited about this partnership with the Provision Coalition, as they have tools and resources to help our members become more sustainable, and to do so in a way that grows their bottom line.” 

The Provision Coalition is Canada's premier non‐profit food and beverage manufacturer sustainability organization. At Provision, the latest sustainability advances, resources and solutions are shared with food and beverage businesses across the country. With the organization's 15 provincial and national agri‐food association members, Provision has committed to reducing the food and beverage manufacturing sector's environmental footprint, improving employment culture and strengthening business competitiveness. Global challenges including the reduction of food loss and waste, climate change mitigation and responsible sourcing are Provision's priorities. 

About Provision Coalition: Provision was created as a public policy collaboration group, with a unified voice speaking on behalf of the food and beverage manufacturing industry on matters relating to sustainability. Provision was formed in 2010 under Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. 




For more information:  James Donaldson, TEL: 604-371-4245 [email protected] 

The BCFPA is a not-for-profit organization representing all segments of the food, beverage and nutraceutical processing industry, and to coordinate common industry activities and resources under one umbrella. The Association represents micro, small, medium, and large processing companies in BC, and has more than 450 member companies.