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Barry Callebaut’s Technical Chocolate and Cocoa 101, Thursday, March 1st, 2018, Burnaby, BC

Barry Callebaut is hosting a free Technical Chocolate and Cocoa 101 on Thursday, March 1st, 2018, in Burnaby, BC (details below) at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown.

Technical Chocolate and Cocoa 101 

March 1, 2018 Burnaby, BC


9:00 AM               Welcome and Course Introduction                                                                                          


9:10 AM               Cocoa Cultivation and Harvesting                                  

Objective: Better understand cocoa harvesting and origin of cocoa while viewing videos from Africa.

9:25 AM               Cocoa and Chocolate Processing                                                                                                              

Objective: Gain an understanding of cocoa processing and each manufacturing process step.

10:00 AM            Standard of Identity of Chocolate / Attributes of Chocolate                                                        

Objective: Understanding legal definitions of chocolate and attributes that can affect labeling/pricing


10: 15 AM           Chocolate Tasting                                                                                                           

Objective: Understanding of flavor components of chocolate and how they affect the eating experience


11:00 AM            Break                                                                                                   


11:15  AM           Chocolate vs. Compound:  Flavor and Functional Differences                                                    

Objective: Understanding flavor, function, benefits, and differences between chocolate and compound


12:00 PM             Lunch          

12:45 PM             Compounds   

Objective: Understand Barry Callebaut’s compound capabilities/ portfolio and taste variety of compounds 


1:00 PM               Introduction to Tempering Chocolate

Objective: Understanding of tempering and why it is a necessary step for chocolate production


1:30 PM               Cocoa Color and Flavor Basics   

Objective: Understand how processing parameters impact flavor and color         


1:45 PM               Cocoa and Bakery Application                                                                                          

Objective: Understand Barry Callebaut’s cocoa powder capabilities / portfolio and taste a variety of powders in application           


3:00 PM               Adjourn


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