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Ammonia Announcement on Worksafebc.com

Between November 20 and December 31, 2017, WorkSafeBC officers conducted the first phase of a three-phase ammonia inspection initiative.

Officers inspected ice rinks and recreational facilities that use ammonia as a refrigerant. The focus of the inspections was risk assessment, exposure control plans, and work procedures, as well as emergency response and evacuation plans for ammonia exposure.

Of the 223 sites inspected, 181 were using ammonia refrigeration systems. As a result of the inspections, officers issued 1,134 orders. Three compliance agreements were also created, and one stop use order was issued.

The three most commonly cited orders were:

  1. OHSR 6.128(3)(a) – Monitoring and alarm systems tested at least monthly
  2. OHSR 6.129(2) – Pressure relief alarm systems
  3. OHSR 6.119 – Exposure Control Plan

Inspections in 2018

Phase two of this inspection initiative, now in progress, focuses on contractors conducting installations, maintenance, and other activities on ammonia systems.

Our focus in phase three will include workplaces other than recreational facilities and ice rinks that may be storing large quantities of ammonia on site. That phase will take place later this year.

More information and resources are available on the Ammonia page. If you have any questions about ammonia or this inspection initiative, please call our Prevention Information Line at 1.888.621.7233.