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In response to a consultation process conducted by the Minister of Health from January-April 2014, a What We Heard report - reflecting the feedback received from these consultations and those of Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Food Labelling Modernization Initiative - was published in June, 2014. This report included many ideas on how to improve food labelling to...


On the threshold of 2013, it is that time of year when people great each other with a cheerful “Happy New Year!” We here at the BC Food Processors Association wish you all the best for a fruitful and happy 2013!

Let’s together make a difference in the coming year.

Let’s grow our industry, let’s get the proverbial pie bigger to create a bigger slice for each member Let’s grow our connections and relationships. It is only with others that we can reach our true potential.

I want to share a little gem; a highlight of mine of the past year: In Michael Gelb’s Brain Power (a...


BCFPA partners with SGS Canada to offer globally recognized food safety training at discounted prices for BCFPA members. To view course offerings:


Whenever livestock or poultry are slaughtered in BC to produce meat for human consumption, the person carrying out the slaughter, or the operator of the slaughter facility, is required to have a license. BC has a graduated licensing system.


Did you know that Health Canada has an office to help you if you have a concern, complaint, or enquiry about how the Department administers the Food and Drugs Act?

The Food and Drugs Act Liaison Office (FDALO) works to address issues between individuals, businesses, organizations and Health Canada related to the application of the Food and Drugs Act. The Office was created to increase openness and transparency between the Department and stakeholders like you.

We receive your complains, concerns, or enquiries and work...