2018 Annual General Meeting, New Programs & Funding for BC Companies

1800-13401 108th Avenue, Surrey BC V3T 5T3

BCFPA Annual General Meeting &

BC Funding for Food and Beverage Processors

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 from 9:00-10:30am

Location: FASKEN at Suite 1800 13401 108th Avenue, Surrey

We are please to announce that BC Food Processors Association members in good standing are hereby invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on Wednesday, July 25 2018 beginning at 9:00am with refreshments provided. 

Also at this meeting -  we will be providing an industry update on the CAP Funding for food and beverage manufacturers. A Board Meeting will follow at 11:00am.


Matters and Agenda

9:00-10:00am            IAF/BC Ministry of Agriculture Funding Information Session

From IAF:

Michelle Koski, Executive Director of IAF on the NEW Buy BC Partnership Program and future programs for food processors.

Applying for the Buy BC Partnership Program will help your customers connect with your BC brands and Made-in-BC products. The program provides cost-shared funding and a recognizable Buy BC Logo to increase appreciation, awareness and support for BC agriculture and food products across the province.

Upcoming programs to further support your business will also be discussed.


From the Ministry of Agriculture:

Joan Easton (Executive Director, Innovation and Adaptation Services Branch, BC ministry of Agriculture) and James Street (Food Processing Consultant, Sector Development Branch, Ministry of Agriculture at BC Public Service) discusses what will be new from the Ministry for processors under CAP Funding.

10:00-10:30am          Annual General Meeting

The following matters will be discussed at the AGM:

  1. Call to order and confirmation of quorum. Chair's Welcome.                       
  2. Meeting Notice. Approval of Agenda.                                                                     
  3. Approval Minutes of 2017 AGM (in package)                                                                      
  4. Management Report (PowerPoint report, written report in package).                      
  5. Presentation of Audited Financial Statements                                                    
  6. Appointment of Auditors
  7. Confirmation of Directors            
    1. Retiring/Departing
    2. Continuing
    3. Incoming
  8. Other Business.
  9. Adjournment   


For more information, please email Sandra@bcfpa.ca