Utilizing Video for your Business: Sales & Marketing Peer Group Meeting

700 West Georgia Street

Utilizing Video for your Business

How video can help to reach your audience, market to industry buyers, and tell your story

Sales & Marketing Peer Group Meeting

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019, 10-12pm

Location: TD Bank at 700 West Georgia Street. 29th floor (view map)

Video content is used by many brands to set themselves apart in the marketplace, tell their unique brand story, and reach their audiences.  At this Sales and Marketing Peer Group meeting, Clint Omelaniec of Capitol Media House will help cut through the mystery surrounding utilizing video for processors and brands of all sizes.   Learn if Video is right for you, when to use video and when to not, the best platforms for showing video, and how to create content for specific audiences. 

This talk will address how to produce both B2B and B2C content, budgeting for video production, and what to expect when working with content creators. 

10:00am Welcome and Introductions

10:15am  Clint Omelaniec, Utilizing Video for your Business

  • What video can and cannot do for your brand
  • What the benefits and best use cases for video are
  • What type of video content consumers and audiences respond to
  • The differences in producing B2B vs B2C content
  • The best channels to use for video 
  • Budgeting for video, finding video vendors, working with video producers
  • How to make video content that aligns with your brand
  • When to work with an agency, when to work with a video producer
  • The different types of uses for video

11:15am Q&A

11:30am Peer Open Discussion: what's keeping you up at night? 

11:55am Association News

12:00pm Adjourned


About Capitol Media House

Capitol Media House is a boutique video production agency that has worked with industry-leading brands for over 7 years in the Vancouver area. Capitol Media House produces content for both top marketing agencies and also works directly with brands to help communicate their story. Capitol Media has worked with a variety of world-renowned brands such as Canon, Porsche, TED, Westjet, Delta airlines, and Telus. 

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Utilizing Video: Sales and Marketing Peer Group Meeting, Jan 15 2019