BCFPA Giving Back Program - Quest Food Exchange Partnership

GIVING BACK gives you:

  • high employee morale
  • the opportunity to help others
  • no waste of goods
  • recognition from your peers, and from your community
  • tax breaks

Many organizations give to worthy causes, both from their excess, and from their hearts. We would like to formally recognize and encourage these gifts that mean so very much to the lives of the most disenfranchised people in our society. People to whom this gift of food is the gift of hope, and the gift of life. The BCFPA Giving Back Program is a public recognition of your philanthropy, demonstrated to peers, to clients, and to community.

Who Benefits? The BCFPA has partnered with Quest Food Exchange, a non-profit charity whose Mission is to Reduce Hunger with Dignity.  Quest redirects food from every branch of the local food industry that might otherwise go to waste. Food is then sorted, processed, and distributed to organizations and people who need it most. Currently, Quest helps to provide food assistance to individuals and families in the Lower Mainland through their Not-For-Profit Grocery Market program. 


BCFPA Members who participate in the Giving Back Program will be recognized in the following ways.

  • A framed certificate
  • Permission to use the BCFPA “Giving Back” Seal on letterhead and promotional material for one year, to highlight your Corporate community responsibility to your clients
  • Recognition during the BCFPA Awards, to be presented annually at the BCFPA AGM

What about transportation? Quest will be happy to pick up large or repeat orders, and welcome delivered items.

How much work will this be? We will do the footwork for you. All you need to do is to start the process, coordinate and communicate. We will take care of the rest.

What if I already give? If you wish to add a charity of choice to the program in future, please contact our office for more information on how to do so.

Do you have food to donate? please email:  info@questoutreach.org  or call 604-602-3494



Quest Food Exchange

Quest is British Columbia’s largest not-for-profit food exchange program. They offer access to affordable and healthy food choices for those facing barriers to this basic necessity. In partnering with food suppliers, social service agencies, and community stakeholders, Quest has fine-tuned thier social enterprise model to become a hub of food redistribution in the Lower Mainland.


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